We have heard a lot of people asking about another city wide cleanup day to be set in the spring. While we understand that many people would like this I want to clarify a few things for you. This is a service that the city provides, not the waste management company. With that said there is a piece of this that I didn’t understand until I joined the city council over a year ago. The trash company comes and picks up these items, and then bills the city for the weight of what they haul away, the labor of their employees, and fuel costs of their trucks. The city also has some cost in advertising the dates of the cleanup days. I have used this service but I did not think that this was costing money from the city budget. As a council we are trying to spend the dollars we receive wisely and we have decided to only have one city wide cleanup day set in the fall. 
Please understand that we have reviewed this during our budget meeting this year, and the decision was made then when we planned out the budget for the year. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this, but I hope you understand that this was done to save the city money at a time when money is tight in city, state, and national government.
Submitted by Council Member RJ Van Dyke