rlfConsider the Sully RLF (Revolving Loan Fund) if you’re having trouble securing financing for your start-up or expansion project. The Sully RLF (Revolving Loan Fund) was established to improve the Sullyeconomy by providing “gap” financing for small and emerging private business enterprise projects thatmay or may not increase property valuations or employment opportunities. The fund currently has$50,000 available for projects.

Any business located in the Jasper County portion of the Lynnville-Sully Community School District iseligible to apply. Refinancing, residential construction, specialized equipment not essential to theoperation and routine maintenance generally cannot be financed. Some possible uses the Sully RLFfunds can be used for:
 • Acquisition of land, buildings, and equipment
 • Building renovation, rehabilitation or equipment installation
 • Working capital for inventory and direct labor
 • Technical assistance for private business enterprises

Loan amounts are subject to the availability of funds. The minimum loan is $2,000. Interest rates willvary with the prime rate and are set by the Sully RLF Loan Committee. Rates will range from 2-5% andtypically will not exceed prime rate by more than 2%. The Sully RLF Loan Committee will determine theloan term, which will depend upon the project being financed.

If you are interested, contact the City of Sully (641-594-3493). Additional information and forms areavailable on the City of Sully website (www.sullyia.com).