By Margaret Vander Weerdt, Hometown Press, Sullyalt

                Janco Industries, Inc., located at 101 1st Street on the west edge of Sully, will be expanding its business on lots 12-15 of the southwest corner of the Sully Business Park after considering local options as well as those in nearby cities. The project will be completed in two phases, according to owners Joel and Deann Jansen and Susan and  Mike Jansen (shown in photo.. The first phase to be completed in 2014 will involve constructing a 50,000-square foot facility to perform manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution operations and a 9,000-square foot two-story office. The Jansens plan to begin construction this fall and will soon select a contractor for their project estimated at $2.5 million. The first phase will add five to 20 full-time employees. A completion date is undetermined for the second phase to construct an additional 30,000-square foot facility and add an estimated 30 employees. This project leaves only lot 5 available in the business park.

                A key to the expansion in Sully was the approval by the board of Sully Telephone Association at its May meeting for Janco’s Rural Economic Development Loan (REDL) for $1 million from the United States Department of Agriculture. The City of Sully’s project package for Janco was approved at its June 10 regular meeting and includes four items:

1. Economic Development Grant of $102,330 to purchase the property in the Sully Business Park; 2. TIF Rebate Agreement for 10 years for the property taxes generated from the property valuation increment for the construction of a 59,000-square foot office and manufacturing facility; 3. TIF Development Grant for added full-time employees at $1,500 each over 34 employee-basis as of Mar. 31 and new employees must be retained for two years as determined annually on June 30 for the next 10 years; and 4. The City of Sully will submit a RISE Grant with 20 percent match to pave West 2nd Avenue to the Janco property line and also upgrade 1st Avenue.

                Janco Industries is a family-owned, specialized metal fabrication company founded more than 40 years ago by Ron Jansen when he opened a truck repair and equipment shop called Star Auto Company. After doing business as Janco Industries under Star Auto Company, Janco became its own corporation in 1999. Following Ron’s retirement, his sons Joel and Mike purchased the company and currently service such diverse industries as construction, agriculture, and recreational.

alt                In August 2010, Janco purchased Handy Industries in Marshalltown. Handy is known for making high-quality motorcycle lifts, truck tailgates, and shop accessories. All the metal fabrication of Handy's products is done in the Sully-based manufacturing facility until the point where it is welded. At that point, it is shipped to the Marshalltown facility to be powder coated, assembled, and packaged.