altThe weather was perfect for the Sully Fourth of July parade and all the other events held with a huge crowd attending. 

The Lynnville-Sully Class of 1963 was set to celebrate their 50th class reunion on July 6 and had a six-part entry in the parade which won the overall grand prize. Judy Ver Steegt and Eleanor Jansen carried the banner. Paul Hackert and Virgil Terpstra were int he 1963 Chevy pickup. Riding the 2013 Chevy pickup were Melvin and Shirley Dunsbergen, Bryce Vander Kamp, and Gary  Vander Wilt. Doug Watson, Curt Macy, and Gene Vos rode an Oliver tractor. Riding the 2013 Ford pickup were Larry Renaud, Donna Bruinsma, Dian Van Dalen, Dianne James, Jan De Goey, and Marilyn Van Soelen. The sixth part of the entry was a 1963 Chevrolet convertible with Dwight Vander Leest and David Figland in side.

Other parade winners were;

Large Floats:

1. First State Bank

2. Sully Christian School

3. Zuidema family

Small Floats:A

1. We Are the Present-Megan Van Zante and Denali Conover, We Are the Past-Alexy Convoer as Statue of Liberty, and Klayton Van Dyke as Uncle Sam, We Are the Future-Krystal Van Dyke as mom and children, We The People-Everyone.

2. Ben and Jack Vos of Pellawho are grandsons of Eldon and Brenda Nikkel of Sully

3. Lynnville Heart of Worship


1. Stella Turnbull

2. Danica De Geeter

3. Zylstra family


1. Doug Veenstra with 1970 JD 112 patio series tractor

2. Jamie Van Kooten and family with 1972 JD 5200 self-propelled forage harvester, 2012 JD self-propelled forage harvester, and JD pedal tractor

3. Verlan Brand with 1955 Farmall 200 with two-point hitch, 1969 New Idea one-row cornpicker Model 323-one of last ones made, and 1958 McCormick wagon owned by LeRoy Van Maanen


1. L-S Class of 1958

2. Stan Harms

3. Jordan Vander Molen


1. Lynnville Saddle Club

2. Terry Nikkel family

3. Horn Family

Watch for more results and pictures for the 2013 Fourth of July.