fredom_rockMonday, Dec. 2, was moving day for the Jasper County Freedom Rock from pasture to Sully Central Park. The 7'x9'x10' rock from the Glenn and Thelma Vanderpol farm about two miles south of Sully was moved to the park to be painted as the Freedom Rock of Jasper County. Champion Crane Service Inc. of Des Moines and Earthworks Inc. of Sully moved the rock to town, and it will have a security camera to deter vandalism. The Vanderpols donated the rock, which will be painted as the Freedom Rock for Jasper County by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II of Greenfield in 2014.

Vanderpol said he spent lots of time on the rock in the pasture on his farm where he also grew up. "I knew it was a big rock because it was a foot high by four or five feet across, but I had no idea until it was dug up just how big it is. I rested on it a lot when sticking thistles years ago for my dad!" Vanderpol said.

"I appreciate what my father did in Korea and all service men/women from every town, city, and farm. There are a lot of people in Jasper County who live in rural areas and smaller communities who were/are service people and what better way to re recognize them," said Sully Mayor Gordon Yarrington. "My prayer for the Freedom Rock is to honor the families of the men and women of Jasper County who have given their all for their country and for the ones who have served and are currently serving. Thank you to each and every one who has served, is serving, and will serve in the future in the name of our freedom."