Beginning July 1st, garbage collection services for Sully will undergo a change. Curbside trash collection will still be provided each Friday by Midwest Sanitation; however, the way in which the trash is collected will change.
Midwest Sanitation will provide each residential customer with one 65-gallon tote for trash/solid waste. One tote will be collected each week from each residential customer using a truck with an automated arm that will pick up and dump the tote. This method is already being used in Pella and Lynnville.
All trash must fit inside the provided 65-gallon tote.  No extra loose bagged trash or boxes will be collected unless Midwest Sanitation has been contacted ahead of time for scheduling and paying required fees.
Midwest Sanitation will be delivering the totes during the month of June.  Each tote will have a letter attached explaining the service and giving residents multiple avenues to contact Midwest Sanitation via social media, website, and telephone.